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By Tanis Gray

ISBN-10: 1620336758

ISBN-13: 9781620336755

A choice of enjoyable knitting projects--all in 3 skeins or less!

In three Skeins or much less: clean Knitted components, knitters will locate 25 components that take not more than 1, 2, or three skeins of yarn. they'll savor knitting styles for ever-so-popular shawls, socks, hats/berets, mittens, cowls, or even a tank, cropped sweater, and cami!

Featured designers comprise Ann Weaver, Carina Spencer, Heather Zoppetti, Romi Hill, and so on. Their designs characteristic sew styles that opt for attention-grabbing colour mixtures, unforeseen trend twists, and additional sparkle.

3 Skeins or much less: clean Knitted components is the correct ebook for knitters eager to make presents for any social gathering. The yarns selected are an excellent stability of gorgeous hand-dyes and large manufacturers, permitting you to maintain a watch in your price range or locate the precise use for priceless skeins of specific yarns.

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Note. As for Just an Old-Fashioned Girl, you need to wind the wool into its three colours, Pink, Green and Cream. The pattern begins the same way as for the old girl, same wool, same number of stitches, but I have used smaller needles. OK, I admit. It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t read my own pattern properly. So, smaller needles, smaller cosy. And you guessed it, if you used an 8-ply (DK) yarn and 4 mm (UK 8, USA 6) needles, you’d get a bigger cosy. Cosy Body With 3 mm (UK 11, USA 2/ ) circular needles and Cream yarn, cast on 100 (+ 3 1) stitches and join in the round using Method 1.

Cast off. Do not sew any of the Rolled Edges under until you have completed all of them. Refer to the Rolled Edge diagram (opposite). Rolled Edge diagram You have just completed A. With the right side facing, pick up stitches for B1. I’m not going to give you a number of stitches. You’ll know what to do. Pick up around the corner (you might like to put a loop in your circular needles at this point) and across the Right Front of the Bodice. When you arrive at Rolled Edge A, continue to pick up stitches across the 6 rows you made there.

Bring the Pink yarn up and knit 2 rows. Bring the Green yarn up and knit 2 rows. Continue in this fashion until you count 12 rows (including the cast-on row). You should end on a (2nd) Cream row. Note. The edge with the yarns travelling up the side will be a little messy. Do your best to tighten the last stitch of each row as you begin the next – but don’t fret too much – it will all be covered later on by the Rolled Edges. Bodice front To set up for the front, work the next 12 stitches (Right Front Bodice) in Pink.

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