Download e-book for iPad: 6809 Assembly Language Programming by Lance A Leventhal

By Lance A Leventhal

Guide textual content for meeting language geared in the direction of the Motorola 6809 microprocessor that's present in the Tandy TRS-80 desktop.

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Show that a binary number can be multiplied by 2 by shifting all bits left one bit. What should be shifted into the low-order bit, zero or one? Show that a binary number can be divided by 2 by shifting all bits right one bit. What is the significance of the value of the bit shifted out of the low-order bit? Represent the following decimal numbers in (a) sign and magnitude, (b) two's complement, (c) ones' complement, and (d) excess-128, for an eight-bit machine (seven bits plus sign). 93 16. 17.

I l l is 0 0 . . 000. In octal, the complement of each octal digit is Octal 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Binary Complement Binary Octal 111 110 7 5 4 101 101 100 011 010 110 111 001 000 000 001 010 011 100 6 3 2 1 0 The complement of a number is very easy to create. Also notice that the compleĀ­ ment of the complement of a number is the original number, a very important property for a method of representing negatives. The ones' complement notation represents the negative of a number by its complement. Thus, for an 8-bit word, the number 100 (base 10) is represented by 01100100, and negative 100 (base 10) by 10011011.

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6809 Assembly Language Programming by Lance A Leventhal

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