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By Klaus K. Klostermaier

ISBN-10: 1780746725

ISBN-13: 9781780746722

With entries on every little thing from Manu to Gandhi and the Ramesvaram to the Himalayas, this can be a useful reference ebook.

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And: "ab obediencia totali ipsius Benedicti . . " (This and the substance of n. 40 below remedy some imprecisions in SdeC, pp. ) 39 The relationship between the text of the ordinance and Simon's speeches at the Council as well as his treatise is obvious at once. 40 In his refutation of the Toulouse letter of 1402 (Appendix V, No. 15), AN, J 518, fol. 513r: "Et quamvis notorie ipse scisma foverit et nutriverit, et scissuras in partes sibi obedientes fecerit, . . " Simon's advocacy of a council of the Avignon obedience was due to the political needs of the moment {SdeC, pp.

Later on, in the 1390's, Simon bought important new properties in the region around Loudun. H e also acquired a house in Paris, by a combination of tricks, cash, and mere power that reminds us of the Touffou affair; this time it was only a widow who was browbeaten, not as previously a widow and two orphans. Putting all these together, on the basis of minimal estimates, we see Simon spending at least 15,000 limes on properties for himself and his family in the fifteen years following 1383. 56 It took a lot of work, there was endless difficulty in the law courts over many if not most of the purchases, but the result was evidently worth it: mere money had been converted into lands, the mere client of Berry had become the de facto head of an important noble family, and the estate hitherto consisting of offices and emoluments had been given a solid foundation of property, family power, and lordship.

64 The crucial decision may have been made by 19 September 1391, when Clement shifted Simon from the see of Avignon to that of Carcassonne; although Simon remained in Avignon for almost a year afterwards, serving the papacy, it was probably because he had no place else to go. 66 His role in the dukes' discreet but definite shift to a union policy can only be guessed; perhaps the safest formulation would be that as Berry's councillor he was supposed to advise his patron, that his advice in matters of church policy might have been especially valued, and that he had his own reasons to see the Avignon adventure as no longer worth its price.

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