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By W. E. Crum

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ISBN-13: 9780198644040

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9 abroad guówài [gwor-wai] 0absorbent cotton yàomián English ➜ Chinese A rùchăng fèi shì duōshao qián? @ AIDS àizībìng [ai-dzur-bing] #$% air kōngqì [koong-chee] ^& by air zuò feījī [dzwor fay-jee] *() air-conditioning kōngtiáo [koong-tyow] _+ airmail: by airmail hángkōng(xìn) [hahng-koong(hsin)] |`1 airmail envelope hángkōng xìnfēng [hsin-fung] 2345 airplane fēijī [fay-jee] 67 airport fēijīchăng [–chahng] 890 to the airport, please qĭng dài wŏ dào fēijīchăng [ching dai wor dow] -=\QWER airport bus jīchăng bānchē [jee-chahng bahn-chur] YUIO alarm clock nàozhōng [nowjoong] P{ alcohol (drink) jiŭ [jyoh] } all: all of it quánbù [chew-ahn- that’s all, thanks gòule, xièxie [goh-lur hsyeh-hsyeh] erty allergic: I’m allergic toâ•‚...

Kur-yeeâ•‚... mah] _+| ... 34 I couldn’tâ•‚... wŏ bù néng ... [wor boo nung] ]AS 567 country (nation) guójiā [gwor- DFG 89 in the corner qiángjiăor [chyang-jyowr] 56 correct (right) duì [dway] jyah] tsun] 0- couple (two people) fūfù [foo-foo] =\ a couple ofâ•‚... liăngge‑... [lyang-gur] QW ... courier xìnshĭ [hsin-shur] YU course: of course dāngrán [dahn-grahn] IO of course not dāngrán bù gur] qw (younger than speaker) biăodì er (son of father’s brother: older than speaker) tángxiōng [tahnghsyoong] ty (younger than speaker) tángdì ui (daughter of mother’s brother: older than speaker) biáojiĕ [byow-jyeh] op (younger than speaker) biăomèi [byow-may] [] (daughter of father’s brother: older [tahng-may] DF cow năiniú [nain-yoh] GH crab pángxiè [pahng-hsyeh] JK craft shop gōngyìpĭn shāngdiàn [goong-yee-pin shahng-dyen] L:"as crash (noun: vehicle) zhuàng chē [jwahng chur] ~!

Woman) piàoliang [pyow-lyang] @# (view, city, building) mĕi $ (day, weather) hăo [how] % because yīnwéi [yin-way] ^& because ofâ•‚... yóuyú ... [yoh- ABCDEFGHIJKLBe 40 yew] *( bed chuáng [chwahng] ) I’m going to bed now wŏ yào shuì le [wor yow shway lur] _+|` bedroom wòshì [wor-shur] 12 beef niúròu [nyoh-roh] 34 beer píjiŭ [pee-jyoh] 56 two beers, please qĭng lái liăng bēi píjiŭ [ching] 7890-= before: beforeâ•‚... yĭqián [yee-chyen] ... ER begin kāishĭ [kai-shur] TY when does it begin? shénme shíhou kāishĭ?

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