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By Bruce C. Donaldson

The sequence builds an intensive selection of prime quality descriptions of languages around the globe. each one quantity bargains a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a thesaurus and different suitable details that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language family members or sector, and even supposing unique awareness is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and useful remedies of higher recognized languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive typical of clinical caliber.

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6. The diphthong ui [oei] Examples: huis [fioeis] 'house', lui floei] 'lazy*, uuil [foil] 'dirty'. 10 Pronunciation Afrikaans linguists usually transcribe this sound as [cey], as is Dutch ui, but there is a subtle difference between the two languages in the way this sound is pronounced. There is a definite tendency in Afrikaans to unround the second element of the diphthong, pronouncing it [oei]. e. 8). 4), leading to words like huis 'house' and hys 'to lift' sounding identical. 7. The diphthong ai [ai] Examples: aia [a^a] 'non-white nurse-maid', baie [bate] 'much/very', fraiing [fraiarj] 'fringe', kaia [kaPa] 'native dwelling*.

E. g. amnestie (also amnestie), anargie, burokrasie, demokrasie, ekonomie, energie, ensiklopedie, geologic, kompromie, mas├čnerie, simpatie, Strategie. 1). Note: histerektomie fits into neither group and is stressed as in English. 4. g. adventis(te), alkoholis(te), individualistic), joernalis(te), motoris(te), rassis(te). g. indiuidualisme, joemalisme, rassisme. g. kommunisties, rassisties. 5. Agent nouns ending in -ikus There are many nouns denoting agents derived from the Latin ending -ikus in the singular, but -ici (pronounced [isi]) in the plural.

The consonant g [g] Examples: bagger [bogar] 'bugger', gala, [ga:la],grend [grae:nt] 'grand'. There are many unassimilated, or only partially assimilated, English loanwords in common use in spoken Afrikaans which preserve the English pronunciation of g as [g]. Paraguay, Uruguay and Uganda and their derivatives are all pronounced with fg]. 7. The consonant gh [g] Examples: ghitaar [gi'ta:r] 'guitar' (also spelt and pronounced kitaar), ghoeroe [guru] 'guru', gholf\ golf] 'golf, ghries fgrisj 'grease'.

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