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A magisterial historical past encouraged by means of Winston Churchill's recognized opus, A heritage of the English-Speaking Peoples for the reason that 1900 is an engrossing account of the 20th century, with a special viewpoint on our turbulent instances. In 1900, the place Churchill ended the fourth quantity of his heritage of the English-Speaking Peoples , the U.S. had no longer but emerged onto the area scene as a superb energy. but the arrival century was once to belong to the English-speaking peoples, who successively and effectively fought the Kaiser's Germany, Axis aggression and Soviet Communism, and who're now suffering opposed to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Andrew Roberts's historical past proves in particular important because the usa this day seems to be to different elements of the English-speaking global as its top, closest and such a lot liable allies.

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The future is unknowable, but the past should give us hope. Churchill's unknowable future then is the English-speaking peoples' known past today. Here, therefore, is the next stage of their story. ' Letter from a Rough Rider veteran to Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt1 'If new nations come to power ... ' Theodore Roosevelt to Cecil Spring-Rice, 19042 T heodore Roosevelt was brave, intelligent, well-travelled and had a photographic memory. 3 Ever since shooting a crane at a lagoon near Thebes in adolescence, he loved slaughtering avifauna in vast quantities.

Harmonises with my ideas for future of the world. m. on Tuesday, 1 January 1901, the world entered a century that for all its warfare and perils would nonetheless mark the triumph of the English-speaking peoples. Few could have suspected it at the time, but the British Empire would wane to extinction during that period, while the American Republic would wax to such hegemony that it would become the sole global hyper-power. Assault after assault would be made upon the English-speaking peoples' primacy, each of which would be beaten off successfully, albeit sometimes at huge and tragic cost.

In a letter to his friend Lord Selborne he wrote: I never spend five minutes in inquiring if we are unpopular. The answer is written in red ink on the map of the globe. No, I would count everywhere on the 12 INTRODUCTION individual hostility of all the great Powers, but would endeavour to arrange things that they were not united against me. I would be as strong in small things as in big. 13 The vital importance of maintaining the authority and prestige of the English-speaking peoples - a duty which passed from Britain to America in the 1940s - was upheld throughout the century in every decade except the second half of the 1970s, when the US Congress prevented the Nixon and Ford Administrations from sustaining it, and when the Carter Administration wilfully attempted to abandon it.

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