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By Sun Hongmao

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This e-book won't be an exhaustive survey masking all elements of rational drug layout. in its place, it's going to offer serious knowledge via real-world examples. correct case experiences might be provided and analyzed to demonstrate the subsequent: how one can optimize a lead compound even if one has excessive or low degrees of structural details; how one can derive hits from rivals' energetic compounds or from  Read more...

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In general, experimentally determined structures are not far from their optimal geometry. The purpose of energy minimization is to find the local minimum on the landscape defined by a particular force field, which may be different from the one used in crystallography modeling. A force field is composed of a set of parameters defining the equilibrium or ideal distances, angles and dihedral angles for each pair of atoms, bond angles, and torsion angles, together with penalties when a value deviates from its ideal case.

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