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By Cat Bordhi

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Readers of the 1st ebook during this two-volume sequence (A Treasury of Magical Knitting) have fallen in love with the hot international of Magical Knitting, a size so basic but so desirable that you'll be able to spend a 12 months exploring the large number of designs which Cat bargains. starting with Cat's particular Moebius Cast-On, that's really easy that she often demonstrates it in workshops at the back of her again whereas twirling slowly round on one foot, the reader first learns to knit a Moebius band, or shawl. this is often the magic key that opens tips on how to the entire different designs. the second one Treasury comprises felted baskets (with no inside of or outside!), felted fringed bowls, felted and unfelted sling baggage, six diversified felted cat beds (one with paws and a tail!), and the trifold designs, together with a knitter's bowl with wallet for instruments and a spot to maintain operating yarn clear of playful pussycats. The Felted Needle Cozies, colourful, hugely textured sheaths to carry directly needles, and the felted wallets are either very good styles for novices and first-time felters. The ebook comprises specific info on felting, designing, and yarn substitutions.

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Next rnd: K1, M1, knit to 1 st before EOR, M1, knit rem st*. Rep from * to * 6 times in all—46, 48, (50, 53, 55), 59, 62, 65 sts. At the same time, after the 3rd inc rnd, when sleeve length reaches the elbow (try the sleeve on), work elbow shaping with short rows as follows: K29, 30, (32, 33, 36), 37, 40, 41, turn, yo, k18, 18, (20, 20, 22). 22, 24, 24, turn, yo, *knit to 3 sts before gap, turn, yo, purl to 3 sts before gap, turn, yo* twice. Next rnd: Close all the gaps (see Technique on page 132): work the first 3 yo’s with the next st as k2tog, and the next 3 yo’s with the st before as ssk.

Chart B2: Start working motif after Y sts (Y = 48 – X): Work last X sts of motif then work a complete 48 sts motif. Corners are turned by inc between markers on Rows 2, 4, 6 and 8: *Knit to first m, M1 on left side of m, knit to 2nd m, M1 on right side of m* twice. When motif is complete = 9 sts at each corner. K19, 21, (24, 26, 27), 30, 32, 33 sts of right front, set next 8, 8, (8, 9, 9), 9, 10, 11 sts on a st holder (underarm sts), with yarn from body k38, 40, (42, 44, 46), 50, 52, 54 sts of left sleeve, k60, 64, (70, 74, 78), 82, 88, 90 sts of back, set next 8, 8, (8, 9, 9), 9, 10, 11 sts on a st holder (underarm sts), k38, 40, (42, 44, 46), 50, 52, 54 sts of left sleeve, k19, 21, (24, 26, 27), 30, 32, 33 sts of left front—174, 186, (202, 214, 224), 242, 256, 264 sts.

Indd 55 (Text) (Ray) (Fogra 39)Job:11-29716 Title:MBi-Icelandic Handknits #175 Dtp:225 Page:55 11/22/12 1:09 PM 11/22/12 12:39 PM T H e S jón A B óK T r A di T iOn A Sjónabók is a manuscript pattern book filled up with hand drawings and charts meant for handiwork, such as stitching, weaving, and knitting. Only nine such books are known to exist, dating from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. One is in private possession, another one belongs to the national Museum of denmark, and the remaining seven are owned by the national Museum of iceland.

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