New PDF release: A Sign and a Wonder: The Redactional Formation of Isaiah

By Paul M. Cook

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Whereas many stories on Isaiah have an interest within the formation of the e-book, fairly few have addressed the advance of the oracles bearing on international international locations. Like many different prophetic books, the booklet of Isaiah encompasses a portion of international countries oracles (Isaiah 13-23), yet inside this assortment is a smaller grouping of literary fabric that offers with the countries of Cush (Ethiopia) and Egypt (Isaiah 18-20). This publication considers the formation of this smaller team approximately Cush and Egypt in the literary context of the expansion of the bigger assortment and the advance of those person chapters. This e-book additionally contributes a clean method of the formation of international countries oracles in Isa 13-23.

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More significantly, Geyer has failed to establish substantial criteria for his identification of each of the structural elements. He offers some discussion of Jer 47:1–7 as an example, but even here, little explanation (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), which is largely reprinted from “Mythology and Culture in the Oracles Against the Nations,” VT 36 (1986): 129–45. Ezekiel 25 is omitted from Geyer’s analysis of the ON-IJE because he finds the form to be more akin to the nations oracles in Amos. 28 The ‘destruction’ passages are examined more closely in John B.

20 Weis, “Definition of the Genre Maśśāʾ,” 271 (emphasis added). By contrast, Floyd (“‫[ ַמ ָשּׂא‬Maśśāʾ],” 401–22) is careful to distinguish ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬as a supposed genre of prophetic literature (in its final form) from its use in prophetic speech (as originally given; see p. 407). : Hendrickson, 2001), 91; quoted in Mark J. Boda, “Freeing the Burden of Prophecy: Maśśāʾ and the Legitimacy of Prophecy in Zech 9–14,” Bib 87 (2006): 350. 32 chapter two to establish a definition of the genre. Moreover, many other prophetic speech forms have the same intention, even though some of the ‫ַמ ָשּׂא‬ texts themselves do not easily share this characteristic.

Y. Scott, “The Meaning of massāʾ as an Oracle Title,” JBL 67 (1948): v–vi; idem, “The Literary Structure of Isaiah’s Oracles,” in Studies in Old Testament Prophecy Presented to Theodore H. Robinson (ed. H. H. Rowley; Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1950), 178. 10 Richard D. D. , Claremont Graduate School, 1986), 353–7. Victor Sasson (“An Unrecognized ‘Smoke Signal’ in Isaiah xxx 27,” VT 33 [1983]: 90–95) relates the unusual form ‫ַמ ָשּׂ ָאה‬ in MT Isa 30:27 to ‫ ַמ ְשׂ ֵאת‬as well. 11 However, 2 Kgs 9:25 speaks of lifting up (‫ )נשׂא‬a ‫ ַמ ָשּׂא‬, with clear reference to a prophetic utterance rather than any kind of physical burden or load.

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