North American P-51B-C-Mustang by Ernest R. McDowell PDF

By Ernest R. McDowell

ISBN-10: 0850450047

ISBN-13: 9780850450040

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5 The marine corps flyers provided important support to marines on the ground and strengthened an already strong military branch. The corps had proven itself adept on water, land, and air. NAVAJO CODE TALKERS During World War II, both sides used codes to share information while keeping it from the enemy. Cryptographers, or code talkers, were people who encrypt, or encode, messages. They also worked at decoding the enemy’s messages. During the war, the marine corps relied on a little-used language to encode messages: Navajo.

Operation New Dawn aimed at helping Iraqis rebuild their war-torn nation. Always Ready Swift deployment is the marine corps’ forte. As the part of the US military usually sent first into ground combat, the corps is structured to do so at a moment’s notice. Marine expeditionary units (MEUs) make such deployment possible. ”4 Marines in MEUs are ready to be called at any time. Usually, an MEU has a variety of vehicles, including helicopters, tanks, jets, bulldozers, dump trucks, forklifts, water purification units, and high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV), otherwise known as Humvees.

People were without clean water. Homes and businesses had been flattened. Marines brought a variety of equipment, including dump trucks, generators, and portable water tanks. By the end of November, Marines had helped more than 8,000 people—mostly Filipinos whose homes had been destroyed—by flying them to other locations. During that Marines unloaded emergency supplies in the Philippines after Typhoon Durian in 2007. ”7 The branch’s skill, ability, and readiness for combat give many Americans a feeling that is immeasurable: a sense of security.

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North American P-51B-C-Mustang by Ernest R. McDowell

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