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By Richard M. Ogorkiewicz

ISBN-10: 0710605951

ISBN-13: 9780710605955

Опмсание: a consultant on armoured automobiles has produced this booklet on tank expertise. Richard M. Ogorkiewicz examines the foremost elements of tank layout, from the ballistics of tank weapons and fireplace keep an eye on platforms, tank engines, steerage structures and suspensions to many of the varieties of armour. He additionally examines the effect of guided missiles on tank improvement, diversified elements of mobility and move kingdom functionality, and suggestions corresponding to electromagnetic and thermal weapons and energetic armour. The expertise of tanks is placed into standpoint by way of an summary of the evolution of tanks and an updated evaluate in their improvement through the global - from america and USSR via to new advancements in Brazil and South Korea.

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3 R B Gray, Development of the Agricultural Tractor in the United States, Part 1. American Society of Agricultural Engineers. St. Joseph. 41-43. 4 The Evolution of the Chain-Track Tractor'. V, The Engineer, Vol. 124. 202. 5 J H A Macdonald. 'Automobiles for War Service'. 22. 6, October 1902. 676. 6 'The Automobile Club Show". The Engineer. 627. 7 'The Simms Motor War Car'. The Autocar. 8. 363-366. 8 R M Ogorkiewicz. 'Sixty Years of Armoured Car Development'. 208, 21 August 1959. 96-101. 160-163.

10 US M4A1 medium tank. 78). The concentration on armour protection in the development of the infantry tanks paid off at first in the case of the Matilda, which enjoyed a high degree of immunity when it was used in 1940 and 1941 in Africa against ill-equipped Italian forces. But, based as it was on armour protection, its success was cut short, like that of the Soviet KV, by the appearance of more effective anti-tank weapons. Thereafter it had to rely more on its armament and in this respect it was no better than the contemporary cruiser tanks.

In addition to the medium and heavy tanks, the Soviet Army also developed a light tank, the 14 ton PT-76, which entered service around 1952. 2mm gun had long ceased to be effective against enemy tanks. Its value as a fighting vehicle was very limited therefore, although in this respect it was not different from other light tanks. However, it was only designed to be a reconnaissance vehicle and as such it had the merit of being amphibious. Its large size gave it sufficient buoyancy to swim across inland waters with little if any preparation and it was the first tank to be fitted with water jet propulsion units, which gave it a speed in water of up to lOkm/h.

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