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T h e same generosity was shown by A t h e n s in welcoming aliens and political refugees to the city. Until the Peloponnesian W a r frayed the nerves of the people of A t h e n s , h e r attitude toward foreigners, G r e e k s or o t h e r s , was o n e of hospitality w i t h o u t discrimination. Defensive Alliances. A l t h o u g h relations between the G r e e k city-states and foreign countries were on the whole friendly, within G r e e c e itself there w e r e constant controversies, and the cities always found it difficult to join forces in the face of d a n g e r from a b r o a d .

Plato has been criticized in m o d e r n times b o t h as a fascist a n d as a c o m m u n i s t . Insofar as he advocated t h e absolute control of g o v e r n m e n t a n d education by a small minority, h e might be considered a fascist. But his minority, it must be noted, was to consist of people of the highest intelligence, motivated by unselfish service; this can hardly b e said of a n y fascist system. Insofar as h e advocated the abolition of private property for t w o of his t h r e e classes, h e might be regarded as a c o m - 50 T H E GREEK MIND munist.

A s a semanticist h e analyzed the c o n c e p t " c a u s a t i o n " and applied his findings to the w o r l d : it is caused by its m a t e r i a l , by the form the material assumes, by the agent w h o affects the form, a n d by the end p u r p o s e d by the agent. T h e r e must be, he declared, a First C a u s e , the P r i m e Mover, G o d . 38 T H E GREEK MIND A n d there is always present the p u r p o s e which M i n d intends m a t t e r t o serve, although m a t t e r is often recalcitrant; the U n i v e r s e expresses the p u r p o s e of a m o r a l intelligence, whose o w n chief happiness consists in c o n templation.

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