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By John Cottingham

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Originally released in 1952.

This quantity, by way of discussing major insights of Hinduism and Buddhism, solutions the query "What is the that means of life?" It illustrates the significance of Buddhist and Hindu teachings and their relevance to the West, in addition to clarifying many of the non secular and philosophical difficulties Western readers needs to grapple with.



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But nothing about the idea of the meaningful life as integrated presupposes that every human has to lead the same kind of existence, or that there is not room for many varieties of human flourishing – artistic, athletic, intellectual, and so on. What is presupposed is that to count towards the meaningfulness of a life these varied activities have to be more than just performed by the agent with an eye to personal satisfaction; they have to be capable of being informed by a vision of their value in the whole,46 by a sense of the worthwhile part they play in the growth and flowering of each unique human individual, and of the other human lives with which that story is necessarily interwoven.

25 44 On the Meaning of Life SCIENCE, RELIGION AND MEANING One possible reason why it might be supposed that science supersedes religion hinges on the conception of the religious idea of divine creation as a primitive anthropomorphic myth – one intended to offer an account of how, historically, we got here. God, a kind of superhuman craftsman, made the earth and the heavens and everything in them, rather as a giant carpenter, perhaps, might build a plywood model of the earth and heavens; and God then proceeded to place man there, just as a toymaker might place figurines inside the model, to give it interest.

But from a theistic perspective, given that the very act of God’s creating beings other than himself must involve his creating imperfect beings, it will not be beyond comprehension that the environment he chooses for certain of such beings will be one of stress and struggle, one in which at least some of those creatures will be driven forward on their quest, rather than lapsing into comfort and ease. 53 Though stress may have benefits, there is clearly a problem for the theist in that the amount of suffering in the world seems vastly in excess of what could be explained as promoting moral and spiritual growth.

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